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HKM, a New Boutique Complex Litigation Firm

Twenty-three attorneys from Murnane Brandt are forming HKM, a new and innovative complex litigation firm comprised of experienced trial lawyers. Many members of the new firm will be senior trial attorneys from Murnane Brandt.

"HKM will focus our practice on the needs of clients in managing their significant litigation matters nationwide," according to Dan Haws, a senior shareholder of HKM.  "We will not pursue a high volume routine litigation practice." HKM's seasoned trial attorneys will serve the immediate needs of clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible, and as determined by the complexity of the client's litigation matters. 

The firm's offices will be in the space currently occupied by Murnane Brandt in St. Paul, Minnesota; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Hudson, Wisconsin. HKM's new web site and Email accounts will be online in the near future.

HKM attorneys will include:



With 23 litigation attorneys, HKM will provide sophisticated litigation services to clients nationwide in the areas of:

Many of the shareholders who are not part of the new firm will continue to be business partners with HKM. The shareholders of HKM look forward to maintaining these business relationships with their former shareholders.

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of legal excellence, HKM and its attorneys uphold a strong commitment to pro bono services.

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