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HKM, a New Complex Litigation Firm

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HKM is a law firm of experienced trial lawyers managing complex litigation matters nationwide. 

HKM was founded in 2015 by twenty-three attorneys from Murnane Brandt, many of whom are senior trial attorneys.

By forming HKM, our trial attorneys can focus on what we do best:  helping our clients in managing their significant litigation. Whether we assist in consultation with clients about litigation prevention, settlement negotiations, in-depth discovery or trial presentation, we will provide a seasoned litigation team offering innovative ways to assist our clients in achieving the best possible result.


HKM provides sophisticated litigation services to clients nationwide in the areas of:




Job Openings

HKM, a complex litigation law firm, is looking for an attorney to manage all aspects of their electronic discovery and litigation support, serving as an integral member of each trial team. Learn more...


HKM's offices are located in the space previously occupied by Murnane Brandt in St. Paul, Minnesota; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Hudson, Wisconsin. 


In addition to maintaining the highest standards of legal excellence, HKM and its attorneys uphold a strong commitment to pro bono services.

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